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Welcome. My hunch is that you are searching for Marketing Professional with a knack for Social Media and Digital Marketing help your business grow, or maybe you stumbled upon one of my articles and wanted to what I am all about. Whatever path you took, I am glad you are here.

I am multi-passionate, but to keep from rambling let me tell you about my passion for building sincere connections between brands and their customers.

I have always found it easy to create personal connections with about anyone. I really care about people, love to learn their perspectives on life and people really appreciated that. So, I decided to leverage that strength in my career.

The mix of creativity, consumer research, business acumen, and strategy drew me to a career in Advertising Strategic Planning. The role in Ad Agencies and Corporations where you get to learn about people’s needs and reach out to connect with those in which your product or service can really help.

Then comes along Social Media! Woop Woop! Social enabled me to listen, learn and connect with individuals on a one on one basis. I was freaking out about how awesome this medium was and I still am on a daily basis. 

So, today I help businesses grow by leveraging Consumer Research Techniquest, Marketing Strategy and Social Media to learn about human behavior and build sincere connections that benefit both parties. 

I am happy to say I love the path I am on and the businesses and people I help.

I've worked with top corporations to transform their brands into client magnets

Elizabeth is a VCU BrandCenter Graduate

Masters of Science / Creative Brand Management and Marketing Strategy

#1 Graduate Advertising Program in The U.S. – Creativity Magazine

Top 5 Digital Media and Marketing School – Advertising Age

Top 60 Design and Business Schools – Businessweek

Elizabeths Certifications:

Hootsuite – Digital Marketing Certification

Forester – Website Optimization Certification

IPEC – Professionally Certified Business Coach

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth Childs

My name is Elizabeth and I too am a busy, driven professional. I’ve been exactly where you are now buried under useful information with no idea what to do with it. I provide you the guidance and property recommendations that align with the life you want.

A born-and-raised Richmond girl with a passion for helping people achieve the lifestyle they want, I’m proud to have created a unique real estate experience in the Richmond, VA area. My experience as a realtor, an investor and a licensed life coach puts me in the perfect position to help you succeed.

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Richmond, Virginia

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